How to watch our services online

An Important Update on COVID-19

As news of the coronavirus continues to develop, we want to operate from a posture of both faith and wisdom. We do not sensationalize fear, but neither do we close ourselves off to real-world concerns. Worry is not our friend, and panic is not our way. We remain alert, but Jesus calls us to respond with prayer and faith (Matt. 6:33–34; Phil. 4:6), and we will do just that.

With that said, the State Health Department has made recommendations for the continued protection of our county, and we want to honor those recommendations.

For the next (2) Sundays (March 15th & March 22nd), we will be gathering online for our services. We will also be streaming Midweek specials in place of our Wednesday gatherings at 7 pm (March 18th & March 25th).

Here’s how to watch our online service:

We have a dynamic online campus that you can watch and worship with us. To watch online, click here. You can invite friends to watch with you, set a reminder for service, and chat with others online.

You can also watch our service online conveniently on Facebook. All you have to do is follow our Facebook page here, and go to our page at 9:55 am on Sunday.

Download our Destiny App on your mobile phone or tablet here in the app store, and click “Destiny Live Stream” on the home page.

In a time of sensationalized fear and concern, the Church’s response will be one of hope, faith, and wisdom as we all navigate this together. This is not a time to disengage from the church or operate from a place of worry. God uses all things for good, and we are so excited to gather with you for the next two Sundays and Wednesdays online as we pursue the presence of God! We are a house of hope, and all are welcome.

Pentecostal Church located in Rocklin, California. Join us online or in-person Sundays at 9am or 11am.

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