An Important Message with Pastor Greg & Kathy Fairrington

Destiny Christian Church
2 min readMar 12, 2020

on the COVID-19 Virus

An important message from Greg & Kathy Fairrington

As news of the coronavirus continues to develop, we want to operate from a posture of both faith and wisdom. We do not sensationalize fear, but neither do we close ourselves off to real-world concerns. Worry is not our friend, and panic is not our way. We remain alert, but Jesus calls us to respond with prayer and faith (Matt. 6:33–34; Phil. 4:6), and we will do just that. We have no need to worry because we know the One who is the Great Physician and has defeated all death (1 Cor. 15:55–57).

With that said, the State Health Department has made recommendations to prevent the spread of this virus, and we want to honor those recommendations.

For the next two Sundays, we will be going online for our Sunday services

We will still be having our service live on our church website, Destiny App, and Facebook at 10 am. Instructions on how to tune in can be found here. All other ministry gatherings at the church will be postponed until March 29.

Community is at the heart of God’s Church, and with that reality, we encourage you to have small groups of friends and family over to your house on Sundays. Create an atmosphere of worship and fellowship in your homes, and tune into our services as we continue to pursue the presence of God.

Our Midweek at Destiny gatherings will go online until April 1st

We are in the midst of some incredible Bible Studies during our Midweek services, and we will still be offering those studies in an online format. Those midweek services will be at the regular 7 pm time on our church website, Destiny app, and social media.

Kids and youth ministry will be postponed until April 1st. Just like Sunday services, we recommend that you create a home gathering.

In a time of sensationalized fear and concern, the Church’s response will be one of hope, faith, and wisdom as we all navigate this together. This is not a time to disengage from the church or operate from a place of worry. God uses all things for good, and we are so excited to gather with you online for the next two Sundays and Wednesdays as we pursue the presence of God! We are a house of hope, and all are welcome.

For important updates, text “destinychurch” to 77222.



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